Each upgrade point you put into a module increases its effectiveness/damage output.

These are just the modules that the demo will contain. The full version will contain a lot more.

Passive Modules: Active all the time and do not drain AUX power.

Toggled Modules: Manually activated and drains AUX power while active.

Instant Modules: Immediately uses a portion of your AUX power.

Passive Modules

Recharge: Increases recharge rate.

Vitality: Increases maximum health.

AUX Power Tank: Increases AUX power capacity.

Armor Capacity: Increases maximum armor.

Armor Regen: Increases armor regeneration.

Ammo Regen: Regenerate bullets and buckshot every few seconds.

Toggled Modules

Cloak: Makes you invisible, draining 5 aux per second while immobile and more when moving, depending on your speed.

Radiation Sickness: Infects nearby enemies with radiation which drains health each second and spreads to other players and monsters. Also drains AUX power for each victim carrying your radiation sickness in addition to the drain of having radiation sickness toggled. If you are killed, deactivate it, or run out of AUX power, all victims of your radiation sickness are immediately cured.

Instant Modules

Teleport: Teleports you a moderate distance straight ahead allowing you to pass through walls.

HEALD: Heals yourself or a friendly target. Also heals you and friendly target's who are infected with radiation sickness.

Damage Amp: Increases all damage taken by target.

EMP: Drains the AUX batteries of everyone within range.

Lasers: Creates a laser mine that burns enemies each second but ignores allies. Up to 6 lasers can be deployed at the same time and they can last until 1 minute before vanishing.

Turrets: Creates a turret to fight for you, which regenerates its ammo. Only movable by its owner. You can have up to 2 turrets deployed simultaneously.

Graviton Mine: Creates a gravity well on the floor which sucks in opponents and then explodes after a minute.


Friendly monsters that follow and fight by your side. They have 3 attack modes: roaming, defensive and balanced.

Rabidzilla: Spawns a mutated rabbit like creature to fight for you.

Mutafly: Spawns mutated fly like creature to fight for you.