The Ucanax were an advanced alien race of explorers and scientists. 20 years ago they discovered a wormhole leading to a pocket universe where time progressed at an extremely accelerated rate; 1 minute of our time was equal to 1 day in the pocket universe. They saw an opportunity to quickly build a variation of a Dyson sphere so they sent billions of nanite robots into the wormhole.

A nearby star system was chosen as the assembly site and just 20 years later of our time, the Dyson sphere was completed. For several decades the Ucanax prospered and built many technological marvels. One such technology was simply known as modules. They gave the Ucanax extraordinary powers that allowed them to do almost anything. Scientists made extensive use of modules to help them during their work.

The Ucanax needed more power to conduct experiments so they began modifying the star at the center of the Dyson sphere. A miscalculation caused an experiment to go horribly wrong and the star began to go supernova. An evacuation was ordered and the population of the nearby planets, moons and space stations began to board colony ships to escape the Dyson sphere.

In a space station surrounding the largest populated planet was a group of scientists gathering nanite and lifeform samples for the evacuation. At that moment the start ejected a huge solar flare toward the planet. In its path, several colony ships were destroyed, along with a significant portion of the planets' surface and the part of the space station itself. Energized particles and radiation permeated the facility and changed the samples and the scientists ...