The Nanites original function was that of building structures. They had a simple hive mind and could not think on their own. When the space station was hit with the energized particles, the Nanties were supercharged. Their intelligence was increased and they began to crystalize and replicate.

Presently they are trying to take control of their environment and see anything that stands in their way as a threat. Their attacks are electricity based and can electrify, cool down or heat up targets.

This is the first playable team.

Mutant Scientist

Mutated Scientists are Ucanax that were wearing their modules during the solar flare. Because of this they were less affected while all other Ucanax in the area were either killed or mutated into mindless monsters. Mutated Scientists are hunched over, covered in boils/growths and their left hands has mutated into a massive claw. Because their intelligence has been reduced, they are unable to make advanced technologies and instead shape whatever they can find into a weapon. Their attacks are primarily blunt and ballistic based.

This is the second playable team.

Hostile Plant

Hostile plants are mutations of carnivorous flora; the mutations changed them in severe ways. Aside from being larger, their vines now act like arms with permanent organic weapons at the tips and their roots act like legs so they can move around. They are always hungry and hunting for food. Their attacks are poison and acid based.

This is the third playable team.


Monsters are all that remain from some lifeform samples and Ucanax who were not wearing modules. Many are mindless and attack out of rage.

This team is not playable. You kill these for EXP.

*Character appearance may be subject to change during development.