The demo contains just 2 of the 6 planned weapos p[er team.


- Stronger Projectiles That Do Splash Damage
- Refires and Reloads Slower
- Small Magazine
- Range: Close

Machine Gun

- Weaker Projectiles
- Refires Really Fast and Reloads Slower
- Large Magazine
- Range: Close and Medium

Nanite Weapons

  • Freezer Burn Shotgun

    Freezer Burn fires shards of ice that explode midair. If an enemy takes enough damage they will freeze solid for a few seconds.

  • Corkscrew Machinegun

    Corkscrew fires spiral shaped bullets that drill into enemies.

Mutant Scientists

  • Piston Shotgun

    Made up of various parts laying around, the piston shotgun fires metal shrapnel at enemies.

  • Test Tube Machinegun

    A test tube rack with vials of unstable liquid. Enemies hit with them will have blurry vision for a few seconds.

      Hostile Plants

  • Spewer Shotgun

    Spewer shoots corrosive acid droplets from its three pitchers.

  • Impaler Machine Gun

    Impaler fires sharp seeds from a pinecone. Seeds cause poison damage.