Frequently Asked Questions

I thought this modification was free, Why do i need to own Half-Life 2 to install/play it?

In mid 2015, Valve added a "Community-Made Mod" program to Steam and as a result Modular Combat now requires everyone to own Half-Life 2 to play or install Modular Combat. We cannot get this requirement removed because it's too expensive to purchase a license to Source.

I think a player is cheating, i can't kill him/her no matter what.

While there is a chance the player is cheating, they could also have a tank suit build. Cheaters are banned via VAC and by individual server hosts. If the cheater was playing on one of the official servers, you can report them here.

What modules should i get?

Here are some suit builds (with the minimum you need):

The Assassin

Evenly upgrade Recharge, Cloak and AUX Power Tank (in this order) until they're Level 10. Then put at least 1 point in Armor and Ammo Regen. Get HEALD too because it removes plague which can uncloak you.

You'll be spending most of your time setting up the perfect kill. This also has the added benefit of getting lots of kill streaks. When you enter a room you need to get as close to the walls as possible. Don't sprint as your AUX drain will be faster, walk at normal speed. If the room contains any unbreakable things like chairs, shelves, etc. jump on them. Players will not bump into you and you'll have a great place to attack from.

• Recharge Level 10
• AUX Power Tank Level 10
• Cloak Level 10
• Armor Regen Level 1
• Ammo Regen Level 1
• HEALD Level 1

Patient Zero

First max out plague to level 10, then evenly add points to Armor Capacity and Armor Regen until they're Level 10. Then put at least 1 point in Ammo Regen and Turrets. Get Teleport and HEALD to Level 5 (to remove enemy plague infection and heal yourself quickly).

Your aim is to stay as alive as long as possible and hide. When a player is near you and you have no chance of beating them, use your teleport to get away. Turrets also help defend you when you can't find a good spot to hide in (choose a dead end hallway or room, put 1 turret in front of the door and another in the corner of the room).

• Plague Level 10
• Armor Capacity Level 10
• Armor Regen Level 10
• Ammo Regen Level 1
• Turrets Level 1
• Teleport
• HEALD Level 5

The Trapper

Evenly upgrade Turrets, Lasers, and MagMine. Certain Minions (Vortigaunt for instance) are good too, but you may want Recharge to offset their Aux drain.

Set the MagMine where it has easy access to draw attention and pull players and monsters in. Set up turrets where they can see the mag mine and shoot players or monsters that get pulled in, but not too far away that they can't shoot very accurately. Behind a fence is good because an Antlion can't shoot it, and monsters have to run around the fence to melee the turret.
Set up the lasers so they are lined up over the mag mine, as they damage any enemy that moves through them.

• MagMine Level 10
• Turrets Level 10
• Lasers Level 10
• Vortigaunt Level 10

Optional Essentials:
• Recharge Level 5
• Armor Regen Level 3
• Heald Level 1
• Ammo Regen Level 1

Munster (Highly Mobile Damage-Dealing Tank)

Get Long Jump first, then evenly the rest of the modules in this list, saving Cloak for last.

When you have gotten used to the suit, adding cloak changes the whole dynamic of the suit from "Leap kill leap kill fly leap kill" to "Leap kill leap kill fly leap cloak snipe" or even "Leap kill leap kill leap around corner cloak ambush pursuers".

• Long Jump Level 4
• Jetpack Level 4
• Cloak Level 4
• Aux Recharge Level 10
• Armor Capacity Level 10
• Impact Level 5
• Ammo Regen Level 4
• Aux Power Tank Level 4
• Armor Regen Level 3
• Heald Level 2

Weapons of Mass Irritation

Leap all over the place while plaguing on and off to soften the players. Ignite them and blow them up if they don't burn first. Use freeze grenade when you have a shotgun and can't slow a player down to get a bead on them, as you can blow them away as soon as they unfreeze. Find someplace high up like a ceiling where you can rain down ice, fire and bombs on your enemies.

• Recharge Level 10
• Long Jump
• Incendiary Grenade Level 10
• MIRV Level 6
• Freeze Bomb Level 3
• Armor Regen Level 3
• Plague Level 2
• Clip Size Level 2
• Ammo Regen Level 2

Credits: Trapper, Munster and Weapons of Mass Irritation Suit Builds by Nuetron.

Where are the player stats?

Player stats are only available on the official servers. It's not be possible to make them available on any server with the current system. Modular Combat 2 will have global stats available though.

How do i create a server?

Read our in-depth guide here.