Each upgrade point you put into a module increases its effectiveness/damage output.

Passive Modules

Active all the time and do not drain AUX power.


Increases recharge rate.


Increases maximum health.

AUX Power Tank

Increases maximum AUX power capacity.

Armor Capacity

Increases maximum armor.

Armor Regen

Increases armor regeneration speed.


Increases ranged weapon damage.

Brute Force

Increases melee damage.

Clip Size

Increases ammo clip size on all weapons that use clips.

Ammo Regen

Regenerate bullets and buckshot every few seconds.


Killing increases your walking and sprinting speeds.

Toggled Modules

Manually activated and drains AUX power while active.


Makes you invisible, draining 5 aux per second while stationary and more when moving (depending on your speed).


Fly through the air, draining 20 AUX per second but only while module key is pressed.


Infects nearby enemies with plague which drains health each second and spreads to other players and monsters. Also drains AUX power for each victim carrying your plague in addition to the drain of having plague toggled. If you are killed, deactivate plague, or run out of AUX power, all victims of your plague are immediately cured.

Critical Hits

Gives a chance of increasing all bullet and melee weapon damage by 4 times. Uses AUX while active and for each shot (regardless if shot hits something).

Instant Modules

Immediately uses a portion of your AUX power.


Teleports you a moderate distance straight ahead allowing you to pass through walls.

Long Jump

Duck just before jumping to launch yourself forward.

Energy Ball

Fires an energy ball that deals damage and will not bounce.


Hold to fire a burst of up to 7 hunter flechettes that deal damage on impact and explode for more damage.

Poison Spit

Spits poisonous acid in front of you, damaging whatever it hits.

Freeze Bomb

Damages and freezes enemies for a few seconds so they can't move.

Incendiary Grenade

Launches a grenade which explodes and ignites all nearby opponents.


Launches a grenade that explodes into 4 explosive bomblets with both the main and bomblets doing damage.


Heals yourself or a friendly target. Also heals you and friendly target's who are infected with plague.

Damage Amp

Increases all damage taken by target.


Reduces target's damage dealt by a percentage and decreases their sprint speed by another percentage.


Steal a percentage of AUX power from nearby enemies while dealing damage equivalent to 100% of the AUX power drained. 100% of stolen AUX power is added to your own AUX supply.


Creates a laser mine that burns enemies each second but ignores allies. Up to 6 lasers can be deployed at the same time and they can last until 1 minute before vanishing.


Creates a turret to fight for you, which regenerates its ammo. Only movable by its owner. You can have up to 2 turrets deployed simultaneously.

Mag Mine

Creates a gravity well on the floor which sucks in opponents and explodes after a few seconds.

Crow Launcher

Releases a kamikaze crow which flies at enemies while carrying a small explosive. You can have up to 4 crows deployed simultaneously.


Spawns zombies who fight for you.

Fast Zombie

Spawns fast zombies who fight for you.


Spawns antlions who fight for you.

Antlion Worker

Spawns antlion workers who fight for you.


Spawns vortigaunts who fight for you. It can also recharge your armor.


Spawns manhacks who fight for you. You can have up to 6 deployed simultaneously.